Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Festival

The Pomeroy Living History Farm is located in Yacolt, Washington. It is an early 1900's farm. My family and I have been volunteering there for the last six years. It is a national historic site and all year long they have different events. They have an herb festival in the spring, and logging demonstrations and a craft weekend, and children's weekend in the summer, with a pumpkin festival in the fall.

My job at the pumpkin festival was to help with the games for the children. I was in charge of a bowling-type game. I had a blast.

-Ethan E. Smith

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Tale of Three Mice

There were many gourds in Mr.McKever's garden. But unlike any others these were special light-blue gourds.They tasted good with cheese and nuts. Now who do you suppose would eat gourds with cheese and nuts? Mice!

These mice lived in a garden shed, in a small wheel-barrow. Their names were Plum-Plum (the mother), Snickel(the father), and Pickle(the baby). They lived happy lives until one day, Mr.McKever discovered their nest in the garden shed. "There are mice in here!" he growled.

Pickle, Snickle, and Plum-Plum hid shaking in a dark corner. They watched as he left. Soon he was back with a bucket and mouse traps! He lifted their nest and dumped it in the bucket. Then he set out the mouse traps and left. Plum-Plum(very upset as she was)managed to squeak,"What shall we do?" "We should try the root cellar," said Snickle. But baby pickle(however)only cried.

That day they packed their small belongings in tiny suitcases, and left for the cellar. They were never found and lived the rest of their lives happily eating the gourds,nuts and cheeses kept in the cellar.

The End

Written by Emma J. Smith

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