Sunday, June 28, 2009

Music Recital

Liam played March in G, by Bach

Ethan played The Witch's Dance, by N. Paganini

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Look! I bought a baby!

Dad's been in Germany and the surrounding area for
a month on business, so he missed out on taking the kids
to Great Wolf Lodge with mom. But, everyone still had a
pretty amazing time, even though they missed him.

The kids especially loved the lodge themed cabins/rooms,
complete with log beds and fun murals.

Baby wasn't too much of a good sport, though. But, he did like
his pack-n-play. Holly spent a ridiculous 13 dollars at the
lodge store to buy him a tiny pack of swim diapers, because she
thought he'd love the water. He loves baths, you know.
But, of course he hated the water there.

Too cold? Maybe. Murphy's Law? Of course.

Oh, the cutness!

Participating in the Steps for Life 2009 walk through
downtown Portland. The walk raised funds for surrounding
pregnancy resource centers!